Components for electronic devices become smaller, and sometimes the demands are so stringent that only pure aluminium oxide can meet them. FRIATEC AG has developed a dense aluminium oxide with 99,7% AL2O3 content.


  • electrical feedthroughs
  • semi conducting pipes 
  • metallized tubes
  • sensors
  • image amplifier for the radiology
  • X-ray tube for the radiology
  • accelerator unit for the radio logs
  • executions for applications of high vacuums
  • high voltage executions for the vacuum engineering
  • isolating pipes for the high vacuum technology
  • high current executions for energy systems


  • high mechanical strength
  • resistance to thermal shock
  • good thermal conductivity
  • high electrical isolation
  • low dielectric loss at high frequencies
  • low neutron absorption cross-section in nuclear technology applications
There are several possibilities in metallization and brazing. 

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